Fifth Gear Dublin Driving Lessons


Terms and Conditions


1. Please have your payment ready when you arrive for your lesson. Change will be given where possible, but please ensure you have change when paying with cash.

2. No credit is given UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES, no payment equals no lesson.

3. At all times during your driving lessons, you must have your learner permit or driving licence with you.

4. Ensure you keep a record of the time, day, and location of your driving lesson. You will be charged for your missed lesson if you forget it.

5. A driving lesson will not be conducted with a pupil who is unfit to drive, e.g., drunk, drugged, or sleep-deprived. Upon forfeiture of the lesson, the pupil will lose the entire fee.

6. Without proper footwear, i.e. barefoot, you will not be allowed to drive. A flat soled shoe or trainer is required.

7. In addition, when you provide your own car for a driving lesson, ensure your vehicle’s front and rear indicators, as well as your brake lights are in working order.

8. If you are scheduling a driving lesson or taking your driving test, you are legally required to have a valid NCT, TAX, and INSURANCE.

9. It may occur if the RSA cancels a test at the last minute, i.e. due to frost/icy conditions or driver tester illness. I’ll issue you with a receipt that can be sent to the RSA. Following that, you will receive a refund of €100 for your car hire charge from RSA.

10. It is your responsibility to make sure the time for your driving test is correct, and if you’re late or too early, you will be charged for any extra time given. In case you hire my car and we arrive late at the test centre as a result of forgetting the time, you will be charged for the pretest and the car rental. Unless the driving test is conducted.


Six hours package and 12 EDT lessons must be paid in full at the first driving lesson. Instalments cannot be paid for package bookings. EDT lessons or any outstanding lessons must be completed within 6 months of the first lesson. After 6 months from the first lesson, any remaining driving lessons will not be fulfilled. In this case, we provide no refund.


We cannot give the car to someone who has no chance of passing the test.

Therefore An ABSOLUTE MINIMUM of 3 hours is required before the actual driving test. It must include at least a 2 hr session and then the hour before the test.

The pretest lesson can be done in a 1-hour session if we start and finish at the chosen test centre.

We will require two hours of pretest lessons to get the best possible benefit for you if we don’t meet and finish at the chosen test centre.


You can cancel your booked driving lessons simply by contacting us.

To get a full refund for the lesson, you must give us a strict 24-hour cancelation notice before the lesson appointment. The same rule applies to re-arranging lessons, including pretest lessons.
If you cancel your driving lessons in less than 24 hours for any reason, you will lose the full fee for the duration of the driving lessons booked.